What does the Term ‘EEFI’ mean? (I thought it was an interesting idea)


EEFI – Those Who Want You Dead Absolutely LOVE the Gift You Give Them….

First, what IS ‘EEFI’?  As most things military, it’s an acronym, and stands for, ‘Essential Elements of Friendly Information,’ and allows an aggressor to piece together information that’s not secret or protected, to get a picture of what you’re about, what your plans are, what you may have, or what you’re thinking about.  Most folks don’t realize when they’re having a great conversation about various subjects that they’re giving away a treasure trove of essential information that will help an enemy out.

Enemies can include criminal home invaders, kidnappers targeting low hanging fruit (kids who’s parents tell everything about them on social media), communist organizations who don’t like you (ANTIFA, ISIS, BAMN, SPLC, etc), and so on.

Today most EEFI is provided by the owner on Social Media and in the commentary of countless blogs and forums.  Someone wanting to target a particular person only need find where they post items, and sit back and take notes.  Additionally, most EEFI is provided innocently with pure intent, in discussions between, ‘like minded people’ (mostly on-line, but FTF as well) when others are listening.  Examples could be a dinner at a local restaurant frequented by extreme liberals and conservatives.  Everyone’s having dinner at the same time, and the table next to yours has a few hard core libtards having tofu and hear you start to talk about your ‘armory’ to a good buddy who’s just waking up to what’s likely to go down.

Don’t think it isn’t happening?  Think again.

“But DTG,” you say, “It COULD be disinformation being put out!”  Sure it could.  Live and on-line. But most likely, it’s accurate information, because the people flat out discussing or posting the EEFI are looking for validation from their meat space or on-line ‘friends’ on what they’re doing, what equipment/weapons/preps they have, and so on, and most importantly, are not trained INTEL folks who know how to sew disinformation.

Example:  Someone wants you dead for whatever reason, or more realistically, someone wants to pin point those in their immediate proximity who might be able to provide re-supply of ammo, weapons, food, clothing and such, should things, ‘Go South.’  All that person has to do is find out what username or ‘nom de guerre’ the person of interest uses, and what blogs, web sites, and forums they frequent, and simply sit back and take notes.

The following image applies to those who cannot help ‘blabbing’ everything they have, know, and are doing to prepare for hard times.  The enemy follows this dictum closely:

Field exercise:  Go through comments here and you’ll see folks talk about how many and what type of weapons they have, how much ammo and what type, how much food, and so forth.  Then go to other like minded blogs and sites and read what people tell you about themselves.  It’s not hard to find them.  Really.

Bottom line?  When it comes to telling unknown people about what you could do to either survive a bad situation or repel marauders, there’s only one thing to say:

Not. A. Good. Idea.

It’s so prevalent and goes on so much, that when I was training a survival groups, I’d give homework assignments based on certain news articles on first responder organizations and ask them:  “What can you tell me about ‘X’ department’s capabilities based on what is in this news article?  For the next month, based on the first article, there should be at least two follow up news articles.  Whoever puts together the most complete capabilities description wins.”

In one department, we found out how many radios they had, what type they were, what the members thought about them, what a typical response time was, and so on.  If we had been ‘bad actors,’ we’d have had a great amount of information based on an ‘open source.’

I also gave an assignment for, “Predict the Probability of an Easy Home Invasion,” by people you know on Social Media who post everything in their lives on the various social media sites.  The group was able to find out who wasn’t home, who left their 17 year old daughter alone at home while they went on vacation, where certain families were going to be, when they would be leaving and when they’d return, who had dogs, who had dog sitters, etc, etc, etc, etc.

If you were a bad person, wouldn’t EEFI be your, “Bestie”?  Dang Skippy it would.

Now, I’m not an INTEL guy by any stretch of the imagination.  However, I was trained to observe, listen, and read what an OPFOR put out as ‘news releases.’

Consider doing a couple things:  1 – When someone posts an article or question on things you might want to have, DO NOT post comments on what you have compared to the article.  2 – When doing your own preps and observing your own AO, actively listen to what those around you say and do.  Write it down for future reference.  Should something bad happen, you’ll have a better picture of what the folks who might be like minded have to help you help them.  If they’re not like minded, and are basically OPFOR, you’ll have a better idea of their capabilities and intent.

Remember, “Trust, but Verify”?

That’s something we should all do before we start giving everything away.


If bad people out there want information, make them at LEAST work for it.  Don’t make their jobs easier.  And make no mistake, there are people out there watching this and many, many, many other sites who wish everyone else in the readership very, very, very bad things, up to, and including death.

Remember that innocent discussions can be gleaned of valuable nuggets of information.  Essential information.  About you and yours.