The US Military is No Longer a Male Rite of Passage


By Ray Starmann

Remember, the old expression, ‘the Army will make a man out of you.’ Or, the Marines great recruiting tagline, “Looking for a few good men.” How about the Navy’s action-packed 1980’s commercials with F-14’s blasting off into the wild blue yonder under the cover of smoke and exhaust fumes as a gravelly voice told a nation of young men that to join the Navy wasn’t just a job, but an adventure.

From the birth of this nation, the military was seen as a male rite of passage, something one joined, not only out of patriotism, but to prove something to oneself; perhaps, like Phil Caputo, to avoid the complete drudgery of civilian life, and to find oneself in that ultimate crucible of manhood – war.

Young males always admired the generations of men who went before them and who had served honorably and survived to ‘stand a tip-toe’ for the rest of their days.

But, since, Tailhook in Sept of 1991, in what I believe was the launching point for the PC destruction of the US military, our armed forces have been on a downward spiral into an abyss of diversity, feminism, political correctness and cowardly leadership.

And, now, literally every week there are one or two or three stories detailing just how deep in the PC abyss the military has sunk.

Today, the Army Times, aka the Diversity Times, shouted out with glee the joyous fact that Staff Sgt. Amanda Kelley, 29, is the first enlisted woman to earn a Ranger tab.

1st Armored Division spokeswoman Lt. Col. Crystal Boring, could barely keep herself from busting out of her maternity army combat uniform when she updated Old Ironside’s Twitter Page with this announcement –

Congratulations to @USArmy Staff Sgt. Amanda F. Kelley for being the first enlisted woman to graduate Ranger School, and earn the coveted Ranger tab today at Fort Benning, Ga. She is the true definition of an #IronSoldier!

Oh rejoice! Diversity!

Who cares if we get our asses handed to us against the ChiComs? The important thing is to keep the lie going, national security be damned!

Kelley is a military intelligence electronic warfare specialist, serving in a combat aviation brigade.

One might begin to ask oneself why in the name of God this soldier was sent to Ranger School, wasting tax payer money and taking a slot that some young stud in an Infantry Battalion could have filled.

Kelley’s attendance at Camp Diversity, aka Make-Believe Land, aka Fantasy Island, aka Ranger School and her ‘graduation’, served no other purpose than to shove another female through the course so Kirsten Gillibrand can get a tingle down her leg.

Ranger School used to be one of the toughest military schools in the world. For decades, men trained hard with the hope that they could earn a Ranger tab, maybe even serve in a Ranger battalion, maybe follow in the footsteps of the Boys of Pointe du Hoc and Merrill’s Marauders.

Why even go to Ranger School now? They’re graduating mommies, the cheerleader you wanted to date in high school and the butch dyke down the block.

Not exactly a male rite of passage, anymore is it? More like an episode of Big Brother – Blanks and Boots.

And, mark my words, you heard it here first, there will be some bimbo in the coming months sporting a Green Beret and the liberal world will shout loud and high about the joys of diversity and how men and women are physically equal, when every Swingin’ Richard on Smoke and Mirrors Hill at Bragg, knows damned well that the standards have been lowered so much at the SFQC that Granny Clampett could be your next A Team light weapons sergeant.

While the PC warriors celebrate diversity, our enemies are licking their chops like Wiley Coyote at an all you can eat ACME buffet. And, this time Wiley is going to kick some butt.

Our enemies are dying with laughter every day now. They don’t even have to squeeze off a round or drop a mortar in a tube. We’re doing all the work for them as we destroy ourselves in the name of feminism and political correctness.

What red blooded American male would want to serve in a US military of drag queens, cadets in red high heels, Mommy Rangers, lactating chicks in the field and waddling battalion commanders?

There’s a known fact that the feminist crowd would like to keep buried, like those Green Cards for those Ranger tabbed ladies that Benning hides so well – any industry women take over, men leave… in droves.

The future of the US military is a largely female force (there are currently 170,000 serving in the US Army) with a smattering of gay men, men who think they’re women, liberals in skinny fatigues and aggrieved soy boys.

The future of the US military is a broken force, a devastated force, if anything is left at all on some distant battlefield.

A perfect storm is brewing in the US military now.

It’s a combination of a worthless Secretary of Defense who is probably the biggest disappointment since Evil Knievel’s failed Snake River Canyon jump, a Congress with few veterans and those who are, are mostly female, cowardly generals and admirals, liberal generals and admirals, a vocal LGBT mafia in the Beltway, candy ass Millennial recruits and the feminist lobby which believes combat power equals the number of pregnant women a division has in its TO&E.

Nope, the US military just isn’t macho anymore.

And, that’s a big, big problem.


I beg to differ a bit on this one. As the US Army will survive. But its survival will cost a lot of Lives, Treasury & National Pride.

Because I am willing to bet on this. That a lot of “questionable” Folks, are going to be shot. That and the entrance hole on the “Brave” veteran.

Will not be a 5.56 mm one or that certain fragments of steel will be American made.

Also why does the Army not set up a Special Training School for Women only. One that takes into consideration the following. Like the Female Troopers strengths & Dimensions of soldiery?