The US Army’s New SMG: APC9 by LEVI SIM

B+T’s APC9 is replacing the MP5 for the US Army.

The APC9 K Pro is a Swiss-made submachine gun that recently won a contract with the US Army. As a replacement for the MP5, it’s a mighty good package.

All controls are ambidextrous.

The APC9’s blowback action is augmented with hydraulics which reduces felt recoil significantly. It’s got fold-away ambidextrous non-reciprocating charging handles and AR-style grips.

The folding charging handles are ambidextrous and non-reciprocating.

Its lower receiver can be swapped to fit various magazines, like Glock or SIG M17 mags.

The collapsible stock is replaced with a brace for civilian orders.

The K is the compact version with a collapsible skeletonized stock. There’s also the SD version, which has a shorter 5.75″ barrel intended for police and dignitary escorts, as well as a civilian version with a pistol brace that is semi-auto only. The barrel comes threaded and has B+T’s Tri-lug system for muzzle devices. Keep an eye on GunsAmerica for more on the APC9 K Pro

It ships with a threaded barrel and B+T’s Tri-lug mount.


Caliber 9 mm x 19
System Close bolt blowback system
Operation Semi-automatic
Length min./max. 14.65″ / 21.65″
Width 2.17″
Height 11.3″
Barrel Length 5.43″
Twist Rate 1:10″
Weight 5.95 lb (incl. 30 round magazine and sights)
Stock Pull 13.19″
Primary Sighting System Aimpoint ACRO P-1
Secondary Sighting System Flip-Up emergency sight (not shown)
Sight length 8.31″
Suppressor connector 3-Lug
NAR Rails 1 + 3
Charging handle Ambidextrous, non-reciprocating, foldable charging handle
Magazines 15, 20, 25 and 30 rounds, translucent Polymer magazines
Handling Ambidextrous
Shoulder stock Telescopic
Training System Simunition, Manipulation
Also included One 15 round magazine, two 30 round magazines, cleaning kit, sling, case, manual
MSRP $2,200