The Guys from BotR and British Muzzleloaders discussion: Boer War Lessons Learned

You kinda get the feeling from these guys. That those hard noses (The Boers)  from what is now South Africa. Really gave the British Army some really hard & bloody lessons about how war was going to be waged in the 20th Century.

Now for the good news about this, which is Quite Frankly. That if the Boers had not “trained up” The British in that fight.

That the Germans Army in August 1914, would of rolled them up in no time flat.

Instead the British (who are no fools)  had learned their lesson well about basic field craft & musketry.

Where then able to stand up to what was probably the best trained & equipped Army on the European Continent. Which then gave the Allied High Command time enough to get their shit together. Then to stop the Germans at what really was the miracle / 1st Battle of the Marne.