The Battle of the Somme (The Start of the End of the British Empire)


This Battle was the time when England & her Empire really started it nose dive to oblivion. When it went nose to nose against the new and very dangerous German Empire in 1914.

Now granted it really did not have any choice in the matter. Seeing how that if it had not gone to war with the Kaisers Germany. It would of most probably of had to fight them or the Victorious Allies of France & Russia later on.

But the tragedy was that England was drawn into something that really was not its forte. I.E. a major ground war with a extremely Professional Enemy Army.

Because for the past 300 years. The United Kingdom had risen by the judicious use of its powerful and extremely professional Navy. With its Army basically being like the US Marine Corp. Which was used to pick off the ripe fruit of weak 3rd world countries.

Followed by garrisoning the new colony with locally raised Native levies that were then commanded by seconded British Army Officers. Some of these Native Regiments were also drawned into this European War.

Example the British / Indian Army , The Ghurkas, African Troops etc.

But because the incredibly revolutionary change of war from a war of Brains and Gallantry. To a more deadly form of Industrial Slaughter that the Industrial Revolution had brought about. What with much more effective Artillery & the deadly machine guns and small arms.

The British Army Senior Officers Corp had an extremely high learning curve ahead of it. Of which it failed to quickly comprehend and react to it. Causing in turn a huge increase in the death toll of its lower ranked officers and other ranks. In plain English a decimation of a Generation of men that reached the million men dead level.

This large loss of that much of the Best and Brightest would have an immense effect on the decline of the United Kingdom that is sadly felt even today. 104 years later today. Grumpy




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