Stolen from the The Captain’s Journal – The AR-15

Assault Weapon Definition According To Virginia Delegate Mark Levine: AR-15s And “Red Hot Magazines”

14 hours, 34 minutes ago

Good Lord.  “Mowing down approaching armies” by sweeping the muzzle from side to side (If you ever try something like that at a range, you’ll be kicked off the range with prejudice, and this isn’t even discussing the fact that you won’t hit anything except by accident – if he was open-minded, which he’s not, it might be useful to take him to a range and actually demonstrate how this is done.).

“Red hot magazines.”  Red … hot … magazines.  And there is just no data at all to justify his statement that mass shootings have to do with whether AR-15s are legal, nor is there any justification that machine guns couldn’t be used for mass shootings today with the relative ease of drilling two holes and dropping in an auto-sear.

A determined criminal can do pretty much anything s/he wants.  And note that he doesn’t allow that the criminal will have an AR-15, but you won’t for defense of home and hearth because you’re not a criminal.  Then again, no one in Virginia will “grandfather” their ARs.  No one.

Finally, mass shootings have gone way down, not of course including state-sponsored mass shootings in “gun free” nations, which is the reason for ownership of AR-15s in the first place.

Fisk it yourself.  It’s not hard.  He’s ignorant, prudish, and arrogant.  And yet with Bloomberg money, an influx of controllers to Northern Virginia, and an absent voter base in the last election, he and his ilk is governing Virginia.

You just can’t make this kind of thing up.  I love it when the progs self-identify as idiots.  It saves us the trouble.


UPDATE: Though per David Codrea, it may be impossible to shame him.