Some very good Pictures of the Great Colt Shooting Master Pistols

If a person like me. was to ever get a chance to either buy, steal , borrow & or get to shoot one of these all Time Classics from the Past. I know that I would have an extremely hard time saying no. Just saying that is. Grumpy

he five standard calibers of the Shooting Master:

Barrel Markings:

Shooting Master .455 Eley:

Shooting Masters in nickel:

.45 ACP

.45 Colt

Engraved Shooting Masters:

S/N 328185 given to Ed Langrish by Fitz and enscribed as such:

“C” Engraved Shooting Master

All that I know is that if and when I win the lottery Big. Getting my hands on any of these Beauts.

Will be on the extremely high part of “what to do my to do with my newly won loot! list”