Not your Daddy’s Sporterized Mauser in 375 H&H

Sporterized Bolt Action Rifle - Picture 8

H&H by the way, in my book at least. Does not stand for Holland & Holland. But in true, it means Hurt & Hurt some more!

Sporterized Bolt Action Rifle - Picture 9

Sporterized Bolt Action Rifle - Picture 10

Somebody went out and got themselves a mighty nice piece of tree here!

It looks to me that all this lion tamer needs is a good scope with rings. That & some good quality ammo to feed it!
Nice Tip on it too!
That Gentlemen is one mighty big hole there!
“The .375 H&H often is cited as one of the most useful all-round rifle cartridges, especially in shooting large and dangerous game.
With relatively light bullets in the region of 235 to 270 grains (15 to 17 g), it is a flat-shooting, fairly long-range cartridge ideal for use on light to medium game. With heavy bullets of 300 grains (19 g) and greater, it has the punch necessary for large, thick-skinned dangerous game.
In many regions with thick-skinned dangerous game animals, the .375 H&H is seen as the minimum acceptable caliber, and in many places (primarily in Africa) it is now the legal minimum for hunting such game.
African game guides, professional hunters, and dangerous game cullers have repeatedly voted the .375 H&H as their clear preference for an all-round caliber if they could have only one rifle. Alaskan game guides have expressed a similar preference for brown bear and polar bear country”.