Mom has left the Globe

Last night my Mom died after a huge, bitter fight with death. It was not a pretty picture. It just goes to show the dark side of Modern Medicine. In that it keeps you alive a lot longer than your body was not really designed for.

Anyways Mom was one really lucky woman in many ways. In that she lived from 1935 to today. Her life really spanned the time when American was at it’s apex.

From the Great Depression, WWII, The Cold War to today. She married a great man, who became my dad. She followed the classic pattern of the Time. Where she met Dad at USC & then briefly became a Teacher.

Following then after my sister & I  started K-12. Dad encouraged her to take up flying. (A pretty smart move as a lot of moms relatives had a few mental problems. I myself think that if you keep busy enough. Then insanity can’t keep up)

Which in turn led to her becoming one of the first Flight Instructors. She did that for over 20 years. Until Dad died and she flunked her physical. Due to her wrecking her back from pushing the plane into its parking spot.

So after may Great Dad died, she took up with Sid for 20 years. Sid being one of her former students and good man to boot. They then went traveling and Birdwatching of all things. Almost right up to the end.

In closing this saga. I just hope that God takes good care of her. As she did the best she could with what she had. Can anybody do any better than that? Grumpy