Kimber Open Range Pro Carbon by MAX SLOWI

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At this year’s 2020 SHOT Show Kimber was pleased to show off their newly released Open Range Pro Carbon bolt action rifle. Available with a Granite grey stock or a Gore Optifade Open Country digital camo stock, the Open Range Pro Carbon pairs Kimber’s action with a carbon fiber-wrapped barrel by PROOF Research.

PROOF Research barrels are quickly becoming a must-have option for premium rifle makers. These barrels not only shoot accurately with great precision, but they also shoot consistently even after extended strings of fire.

They also don’t weigh much compared to conventional barrels. Thanks to the PROOF Research barrel, the Open Range Pro Carbon weighs just 6 pounds and 3 ounces. There are a handful of lighter options out there but at that point, shooting short action cartridges starts becoming hard on the shooter.

The Open Range Pro Carbon is offered in .308 Winchester and the increasingly standard 6.5mm Creedmoor. Both have medium-heavy profile 24-inch barrels for shooting at longer ranges. While these are built for hunting they are match-grade rifles that can compete and shoot targets of all sorts in a pinch.

Kimber includes a user-adjustable trigger with the Open Range Pro Carbon rifles, set at the factory to right around 3 pounds. While they were displayed with a thread protector they will ship with an included brake and accept any 5/8×24-threaded muzzle devices.

Like the barrels, the stocks are also constructed with a carbon fiber composite which helps keep the weight down but also balances the rifle overall. The stock uses a pillar bedding system and includes a 1-inch buttpad.

The rifles use Kimber’s 84M action with front locking lugs, a three-position safety, and a Mauser-style claw extractor. The bolt and action are stainless steel with Kimber’s KimPro II satin black finish.

In every configuration, the Open Range Pro Carbon carries a $3,099 suggested retail price with online and in-store pricing expected to be under $3,000. Proof research barrels are often priced just under $1,000 without the rest of the rifle included.

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