Just another reason on why you need to avoid anything that has to do with BLM.

Because you DO NOT WANT to be dragged out of your vehicle and stomped to death by an enraged Mob. That and it is a no win situation forĀ  Driver. Seeing that if you try to escape and hit one of these Folks.

In that it will be YOU that will be charged and sitting in a cell. Plus you WILL get sued for wrongful death or injuries caused by you trying to escape the mob in your car. Also the Lawyers will take all of your money one way or another leaving you a lot poorer afterwards. That is to say if you don’t wind up in Prison with a lot of BLM’s friends as your cellmates.

Also remember the LA Riots and that poor Truck Driver who got dragged out of his truck? His name is Reginald Denny and here is what happened to him. And He will be suffering from this for the rest of his life. May God take good care of him & you! Grumpy

Reginald Denny suffered life long injuries from LA KKKop inspired ...