Guns of the 17th Century

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It was during this time that the Role of Gunpowder really started to take off as the main ingredient of any European Army. There by making the Infantry man the hard core of the Army.

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Instead of the Cavalry, which had up to then had been the Arm of Decision.

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Now for the majority of Folks. They were issued either a Matchlock. Which was basically a Pipe attached to a wood stock and a lock system with a burning cord that had been soaked in sulphur.Inline image 15

Unless you were a Pikeman. Whose job was to protect the Musketeer from attacking Cavalry.  Then you carried a long stick with a steel blade of some sort on the end.Inline image 16

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Since the Musketeer did not have a Bayonet to protect himself in a melee. Inline image 18


The Other Guns of this Period – The WheelockImage result for the wheel lock pistol

Now this was a very expensive but more reliable firearm. How it worked was a complex system of springs and flint. Which was required the user to tighten down a spring with a key.

Then when the trigger was pulled. The spring was released and causing a ring of spring to rub against a flint. Causing sparks to appear and hopefully ignition.Image result for the wheel lock pistol

Needless to say this system was restricted to The Rich and most Cavalry Units.Image result for the wheel lock pistol

All I know was that I would not like to be shot at by one of these.Inline image 14

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