The Martini Rifle

When the British Empire was at its height and most powerful. This Rifle was the solid backbone of the Empire. Especially when as Kipling said so well. “The Natives are restless and the Regiment Marches”. Now I have a couple of these relics from the past in ye old gun safe. So here is what … Continue reading “The Martini Rifle”

Some more stuff on California’s War on the Second Amendment

Just remember this, It can happen in your area too!    Grumpy NEWS, OPINION Just In: California Outlawed Most Pistols BY OFFICER BLUE ON JULY 2, 2016 66 COMMENTS California outlawed mid and full-size pistols They’ve gone and done it, California outlawed possession of most full-size pistol magazines. If you own a firearm which uses magazines that hold more … Continue reading “Some more stuff on California’s War on the Second Amendment”

A good article about the AK-47 That I want to share with you.

100% American Made AKs: Century Arms RAS47 & C39V2 by CLAY MARTIN on OCTOBER 12, 2017 Related Tags: 7.62x39mm, AK-47, AK47, Buzz, Feature Articles, Hornady, reviews, Rifle, Tactical I am not generally a fan of the AK-47 family of weapons; I have spent too much time on the receiving end of them. But I am a fan of all things American made, so I was more than … Continue reading “A good article about the AK-47 That I want to share with you.”

The 30-40 Krag Rifle

Krag-Jorgensen .30-40 Krag rifle and cavalry carbine   Type Rifle Place of origin United States Service history In service Army Used by United States Production history Designed 1892 Specifications Case type Rimmed, bottleneck Bullet diameter .308 in (7.8 mm) Neck diameter .338 in (8.6 mm) Shoulder diameter .423 in (10.7 mm) Base diameter .457 in (11.6 mm) Rim diameter .545 in (13.8 mm) Rim thickness .064 in (1.6 mm) Case length 2.314 in (58.8 mm) Overall length 3.089 in (78.5 mm) Case … Continue reading “The 30-40 Krag Rifle”