The .25-06 Remington

This round is very popular in Texas. Where I have found that those Old Boys are very savvy about their guns. So take that  for what it is worth! I found it to be a very flat shooting, low recoil round myself. .25-06 Remington .25-06 Remington cartridge Type Rifle, Hunting Production history Designer Remington Arms … Continue reading “The .25-06 Remington”

Some ideas from some Folks who are a lot smarter than I on the 35 Whelen

A discussion developed over dinner recently, where several experienced hunters worked over the subject of the ideal North American rifle for larger game. Many things were taken into consideration including manageable recoil, availability of quality bullets, accuracy out to reasonable range (300 yards maximum), magazine capacity, reliability, and so on. Dinner and dessert did not … Continue reading “Some ideas from some Folks who are a lot smarter than I on the 35 Whelen”

Hobo Stove

The humble hobo stove traces its origins back to the Great Depression. No. 10 tin cans had become a standard package of food stuffs like coffee and fruit before the Depression and so were plentiful. Short on resources, hobos improvised the cans into suitcases, water containers, and stoves. Today, the hobo stove is used by, well, hobos, … Continue reading “Hobo Stove”