FM 23-10 SNIPER TRAINING Table of Contents PREFACE CHAPTER 1 – INTRODUCTION 1-1. Mission 1-2. Organization 1-3. Personnel Selection Criteria 1-4. Sniper and Observer Responsibilities 1-5. Team Firing Techniques CHAPTER 2 – EQUIPMENT Section I – M24 Sniper Weapon System 2-1. Operations and Functions 2-2. Inspection 2-3. Care and Maintenance 2-4. Disassembly 2-5. Loading and … Continue reading “US Army FM 23-10 SNIPER TRAINING”

Inside the Army’s Quest for a Revolutionary New Bullet

This is Textron System’s Next Generation Squad Weapon’s 6.8mm cartridge that features its signature, plastic case-telescoped design. | By Matthew Cox As Army weapons officials near the end of a bold effort to arm close-combat units with Next Generation Squad Weapons, new details have emerged about the program’s elusive 6.8mm ammo, designed to pierce enemy body armor. The Army’s long-standing … Continue reading “Inside the Army’s Quest for a Revolutionary New Bullet”