General Patton’s Library

The following was kindly provided by Captain T.W. Forrest of the D.C. Army National Guard. Suggestions for Professional Officer Development Readings Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. As soldiers it is our duty to continue are professional development by reading.  General George S. Patton, Jr. (1885-1945), was known for his study and reading of military history. … Continue reading “General Patton’s Library”

The Last Raider died

Obit watch part 2: April 9, 2019. Lt. Colonel Richard E. Cole (United States Air Force – Ret.) He was 103. Lieutenant (at the time) Cole was Jimmy Doolittle’s co-pilot on the Tokyo raid. He was the last survivor of Doolittle’s Raiders. As Mr. Cole remembered it: “The tune ‘Wabash Cannonball’ kept running through my … Continue reading “The Last Raider died”

Just another reason why the Army will never be out of work!

America’s 233-Year-Old Shock at Jihad By Raymond Ibrahim   Exactly 233 years ago this week, two of America’s founding fathers documented their first exposure to Islamic jihad in a letter to Congress; like many Americans today, they too were shocked at what they learned. Context: in 1785, Muslim pirates from North Africa, or “Barbary,” had captured … Continue reading “Just another reason why the Army will never be out of work!”

The Nasty Guard

BY ANGRY STAFF OFFICER Eight Times the National Guard Saved the Day The Siege of Louisbourg by Domenick d’Andrea and Rick Reeves (National Guard Heritage Series) There’s this thing in the Army where the Active Component is always looking down its nose at the Reserve Component, specifically the National Guard. Why? Because the National Guard is part-time, … Continue reading “The Nasty Guard”