Happy Tax Day!

Thanks Federal Government for making our Money faith based only instead of Silver & Gold!

Gun Safes are they worth it?

Very Clever! Now I found these Videos and they were frankly very eye opening! But you decide on what your thoughts are on this. Grumpy https://youtu.be/CkT8VBBTYeQ?t=17 https://youtu.be/-RlwGkO0hxE?t=5 https://youtu.be/l-9vWa-C44I?t=9 https://youtu.be/ltK-bDbADa8?t=3 https://youtu.be/6LgKThatkjM?t=4 Attachments area Preview YouTube video GUN SAFES – THEIR DIRTY LITTLE SECRET GUN SAFES – THEIR DIRTY LITTLE SECRET Preview YouTube video How Safe Is … Continue reading “Gun Safes are they worth it?”