Happy Texas Independence Day !

Many Thanks to our Gallant Allies from the Lone Star State! (We could have won all those wars without you!) Texas Independence Day From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Texas Independence Day The Texas Declaration of Independence Observed by Texas Begins 12:00 A.M. Ends 11:59 P.M. Date March 2 Next time March 2, 2018 Frequency annual Texas Independence … Continue reading “Happy Texas Independence Day !”

The Hamilton & Burr Duel

So you think that US Politics are at the bottom Pit of Hell right now? Okay then try this one on for size. Imagine the Vice President of the USA blowing a hole in the Former Sec. Of the Treasury then. No? Well it actually happened! Here is that story from Wiki: The Burr–Hamilton duel was fought … Continue reading “The Hamilton & Burr Duel”