Gun Safes are they worth it?

Very Clever! Now I found these Videos and they were frankly very eye opening! But you decide on what your thoughts are on this. Grumpy Attachments area Preview YouTube video GUN SAFES – THEIR DIRTY LITTLE SECRET GUN SAFES – THEIR DIRTY LITTLE SECRET Preview YouTube video How Safe Is … Continue reading “Gun Safes are they worth it?”

Fred Reed on War

A Vet Remembers A Bad Mood, a Six-Pack, and a Typewriter FRED REED • OCTOBER 2, 2017  • 1,500 WORDS • 21 COMMENTS • REPLY  RSS   Three Men Soldier Statue at the Vietnam Wall Memorial in the Mall in Washington DC.   This column is on lactation and isn’t going to write a damned word until half-October. People are talking about some Vietnam … Continue reading “Fred Reed on War”