Guns of the 17th Century

It was during this time that the Role of Gunpowder really started to take off as the main ingredient of any European Army. There by making the Infantry man the hard core of the Army. Instead of the Cavalry, which had up to then had been the Arm of Decision. Now for the majority of … Continue reading “Guns of the 17th Century”

some stuff that might be useful if the SHTF

Spring-gun From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A spring-gun is a gun, often a shotgun, rigged to fire when a string or other triggering device is tripped by contact of sufficient force to “spring” the trigger so that anyone stumbling over or treading on it would discharge the gun. Contents  [hide]  1Uses 2Documented examples 3Alternatives 4In popular culture 5See also 6References 7External … Continue reading “some stuff that might be useful if the SHTF”

I want one! Bushnells new spotting Scope

Bushnell Legend T-Series Tactical Spotting Scope by THOMAS GOMEZ on SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 Related Tags: bushnell, Buzz, Column, long range, Optics Long range shooting is a discipline that requires quality gear. Typically the equipment needed for long range shooting is expensive. Now and then a company will offer a piece of kit that is well made and moderately priced. One such product that … Continue reading “I want one! Bushnells new spotting Scope”

A Good Rant from Kim!

Pack Sizes OCTOBER 3, 2017 KIM DU TOIT THE GUN THING As manufacturers of consumer products juggle the balls of sales, cost and price, they come up with all sorts of schemes to “fool” customers — the snack bar people like Cadbury or Hershey are experts at this, decreasing the product’s size without raising the price thereof, … Continue reading “A Good Rant from Kim!”