50 Cal vs Body Armor

You just know that some idiot will try this out even after being told to not do it, Right?

224 Weatherby Magnum

Now I am sure that this is a good round. But & it’s a BIG but! Like all Weatherby gear. What happens if you are out in the big beyond & the following happens? You forget to bring enough ammo? I have done that! Or God forbid! You have a malfunction & the local Gun … Continue reading “224 Weatherby Magnum”


NO NOT THIS! As this is not a cute Kitty Blog! As a side bar and at the risk of losing readers. I hate Cats! No what I am talking about this the subjects of Wildcat Cartridges. So let us dig in and get going on to this subject! Now when I was growing up … Continue reading “Wildcats”

A Primer On Deer Hunting

A Manly Guest Contributor | November 4, 2014 Manly Skills, Outdoors Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Josh Cantrell and Kevin King. The hunting of various species of wild deer has been a national passion and tradition for countless generations. Many Native American stories and accounts are riddled with the hunting and harvesting of whitetails. The … Continue reading “A Primer On Deer Hunting”