Ridiculous Army / Cavalry Helmet

I could not imagine staying on a horse during a charge. Let alone fighting with this thing on my noggin! Plus this is the enlisted model. The officers model must of been even worse. Pickelhaube From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bavarian military Pickelhaube Prussian police leather Pickelhaube The Pickelhaube (plural Pickelhauben; from the German Pickel, “point” or “pickaxe”, and Haube, “bonnet”, a … Continue reading “Ridiculous Army / Cavalry Helmet”

Top 10 Exotic Hunts That Should Be on Your Bucket List

Come on Lottery! Grumpy   by PHIL MASSARO on OCTOBER 12, 2017 Related Tags: Bolt-Action Rifles, Buzz, Feature Articles, Hunting A kudu bull taken in South Africa; for many hunters the Greater kudu is the Holy Grail of African Plains Game. Traveling to hunt is something I feel everyone should do at least once; it represents an adventure that can quickly make … Continue reading “Top 10 Exotic Hunts That Should Be on Your Bucket List”