HUH! I did not know that one!

Johnny Cash’s U.S. Air Force portrait [1950s]. As a radio interceptor, it is rumored – and even likely – that he was the first person to learn of Stalin’s death.

Finally and something is better than nothing!

Breaking: NRA & Other Groups Sue California Coalition Files Federal Lawsuit Against  Los Angeles Sheriff Villanueva, California Gov. Gavin Newsom Over Constitutional Violations  Today, the National Rifle Association (NRA) joined individuals, retailers, and other gun rights groups in filing a federal lawsuit challenging state and local policies and enforcement practices that violate Second and Fourteenth Amendment … Continue reading “Finally and something is better than nothing!”

COVID-19, the Elephant, and the House Cat

The really scary thing about this latest health scare is not the disease but the unexpected depths of passivity it revealed. By Roger Kimball • March 21, 2020   Here’s something special: a headline in The Economist that speaks the truth: “In Europe, and around the world, governments are getting tougher.” You betcha. Last week, I wrote with contempt about San Francisco’s … Continue reading “COVID-19, the Elephant, and the House Cat”

All I can say is just WOW!

Fortunately this young Lady is like most of our young Folk out there! Unlike my Fellow Old Farts, I think that our Kids are basically okay. That and they should not be put down as “Snowflakes”. As I think that when the chips are down. That they will do just fine. Grumpy

(Hopefully some of this might come about?) When Wuhan Virus Departs, World Will Be Changed by Michael Walsh

No one knows how long the international alarm, bordering on panic, over the Wuhan virus will last. Whether it turns out to be the dire event some fear, or just a bad sort of virus that opportunistically kills the elderly and those with compromised immune systems (which is what, at this writing, it seems to … Continue reading “(Hopefully some of this might come about?) When Wuhan Virus Departs, World Will Be Changed by Michael Walsh”