Polish Random VIS 35

Now a couple of divorces ago, I got my grubby little hands on one of these fine pistols for a song. I think it was about $175 or so. If not then I am going to blame my CRS. (Can’t Remember Shit disease) Which I then took the new toy very promptly. (As I could … Continue reading “Polish Random VIS 35”


For me this looks like an ideal “Belly Gun” to these tired old eyes. .35 S&W Auto .35 Smith & Wesson Type Pistol Place of origin United States Production history Designed 1912 Manufacturer Smith & Wesson Produced 1913- Specifications Case type Rimless, straight Bullet diameter .32[1] Ballistic performance Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy 76 gr (5 g) FMJ 830 ft/s (250 m/s) 116 ft·lbf (157 J) … Continue reading “S&W 35 AUTO ORIGINAL FINISH S&W 35 AUTO”

Proposed Ammo Ban!

Scared you huh? Just kidding! Now in spite of the recent attempt of the Anti Gun Folks effects to give us a hard time lately. (I have to give them credit thou. It was pretty crafty to go after the Ammo Supply. You Sneaky Bastards!)   The average American has a vast ocean of choices … Continue reading “Proposed Ammo Ban!”

Sorry but its plastic & ugly too!

Ruger Rebooting Security Brand with the New Security-9 by MAX SLOWIK The Security-9 is a low-cost service pistol suitable for all types of everyday-carry. (Photo: Ruger) Through the ’70s and ’80s the Ruger Security Six was one of the shooting world’s go-to handguns for personal protection, duty and home defense. Now Ruger’s bringing back the Security brand … Continue reading “Sorry but its plastic & ugly too!”

Just for a change of Pace NBC got something right for once!

NBC Infographic Ends Debate on Banning ARs by S.H. BLANNELBERRY NBC ran an article this week, titled, “America’s rifle: Why so many people love the AR-15.” Within the article was an infographic that should pretty much shut down the debate for banning AR-pattern rifles.  See below: (Infographic: NBC News) Turns out ARs aren’t the death machines … Continue reading “Just for a change of Pace NBC got something right for once!”

Gun Porn Picture Dump

I found these photos and did not know where to use them. But waste not, want not right? Grumpy