The Weaver stance

The Weaver stance is a shooting technique for handguns. It was developed by Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Jack Weaver during freestyle pistol competition in Southern California during the late 1950s. Contents  [hide]  1Description 2Modern technique 3History 4Notes 5See also 6References 7External links Description[edit] The Weaver stance has two main components.[1] The first component is a two-handed technique in which the shooting hand … Continue reading “The Weaver stance”

Russian 1938 Carbine, matching, 1943 dated 7.62x54R

I shot one of these at the Range & brother let me tell you. It packs quite a recoil! But that’s what happens when you basically cut down a full length Battle Rifle into a Carbine. For some reason. Newton’s Laws of Physics still apply!  

Another hold the Presses! (Yeah because they are not stupid & they are Americans)

Huffpo Investigates ‘Why Black People Own Guns’ by S.H. BLANNELBERRY RJ Young, 30, Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Photo: Huffpo)               Recently, Huffpo published an article titled, “Why Black People Own Guns.”  They interviewed 11 African Americans and asked them why they own guns.  What should be a shocker to absolutely no gun-owning … Continue reading “Another hold the Presses! (Yeah because they are not stupid & they are Americans)”

The Colt Anaconda .44 magnum

The Colt Anaconda in .44 magnum was the last Large frame Double Action Revolver put out by Colt. So far we hope! Someday when the Lottery finally comes thru for me. I want to get one for the modest collection of mine