The Ruger Blackhawk

Someday I will find one of these for sale at a good price. Which should tell you on how good a Single Action this gun is. It just shows you on how smart Bill Ruger was. In that only he could take the Colt SAA pistol. Then improve it with a better spring system & … Continue reading “The Ruger Blackhawk”

Another Idea about “Improving” the AR Rifle. WTF

A Double-Barreled AR, Meet the Gilboa ‘Snake’ – Available in December! by S.H. BLANNELBERRY on OCTOBER 19, 2017 Related Tags: 5.56 NATO, AR-15, Buzz, Industry News The Snake! A double-barreled AR from Gilboa. That snakeskin coating is a nice touch! While at NASGW this week, GunsAmerica’s managing editor Laura Kovarik spotted the “Snake,” the double-barreled AR from Gilboa. Introduced back in 2014, … Continue reading “Another Idea about “Improving” the AR Rifle. WTF”

The German Luger

Now when you say the word Luger. I am willing to bet that a large part of the population is going to know what one looks like. Now I have owned a couple of these products of Germany. Here is what I have observed about them. That they are very sinister looking. (Like a Leather … Continue reading “The German Luger”