7×64mm From left to right 7×64mm, 7.92×57mm Mauser, .243 Winchester and .222 Remington Type Rifle Place of origin  Germany Service history In service Never issued Production history Designer Wilhelm Brenneke Designed 1917 Produced 1917 – present Variants 7×65mmR (rimmed) Specifications Parent case 8×64mm S Case type Rimless, bottleneck Bullet diameter 7.24 mm (0.285 in) Neck diameter 7.95 mm (0.313 in) Shoulder diameter 10.80 mm (0.425 in) Base diameter 11.85 mm (0.467 in) Rim diameter 11.95 mm (0.470 in) Rim thickness … Continue reading “7X64MM”

.45-60 Winchester

  .45-60 Winchester Type Rifle Place of origin United States Production history Designed 1879[1] Manufacturer Winchester Repeating Arms Company[2] Produced 1879-1935[1] Specifications Parent case .45-70[2] Case type Rimmed, tapered[1] Bullet diameter 0.458 inches (11.6 mm)[3] Case length 1.89 inches (4.8 cm)[2] Ballistic performance Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy 300 gr (19 g) Lead 1,390 ft/s (420 m/s) Test barrel length: 30 inches (76 cm) Source(s): Phil Sharpe[3] The .45-60 Winchester is a centerfire rifle … Continue reading “.45-60 Winchester”

The Lloyd Rifle

For the Folks with large Wallets!   The Lloyd Rifle was the 1950s brainchild of English deerstalker, rifleman, metallurgist and engineer David Llewellyn Lloyd. His objective was to create a high-quality, scope-sighted, magazine-fed sporting rifle capable of dependably high accuracy at long ranges, of retaining its zero despite rough handling, and of firing modern high-intensity, flat shooting cartridges such as the .244 H&H Magnum(which … Continue reading “The Lloyd Rifle”

Colt SAA Porn

Okay it is a Bisley all night? When bored rich men get with a good gunsmith