The M-1 Garand

Here is the Man behind the Gun. -Mr. John Garand   The sad thing about this man. Is that besides his pay & pension from the Government. He never made a dime off of his design of the M-1. Which is a real pity but he never bitched about it. So all I can say … Continue reading “The M-1 Garand”

Israel & Guns

************** Trigger warning! Some Serious Bragging coming up!      About 10 years ago. My wife up and told me that we were going on a tour of Israel. Okay says I and off we went.   To say that it was a trip and a half would be an out right lie. It was … Continue reading “Israel & Guns”

The Ruger # 1 Rifle

    By Now you know doubt have figured out. I really like this Rifle. That & to be totally frank with you oh gentle reader. I really do  think that Bill Ruger was totally inspired to bring this forth in the Mid 60’s.   In that it is one very pleasing to the eyes … Continue reading “The Ruger # 1 Rifle”