Krieghoff K-80 Shotgun: A Shining Star at IWA Show

by Philip Schreier, Senior Curator, NRA Museums – Wednesday, March 29, 2017  More SUBSCRIBE As it has for four decades, the 2017 IWA Show in Nuremberg, Germany, last March brought the finest in European firearms to the public forefront in a dazzling expo, attracting 1,500 manufacturers/exhibitors and more than 45,000 visitors. Since 1886, the legendary gun making firm Krieghoff has … Continue reading “Krieghoff K-80 Shotgun: A Shining Star at IWA Show”

The Heckler & Koch Hk 93

Someday I will be able to move to the Free States of America & get out of the People’s Republic of California. Where hopefully I will be able to buy , own and shoot one of these puppies! What a Glorious day that will be! Grumpy Heckler & Koch HK43 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia … Continue reading “The Heckler & Koch Hk 93”