Magnum Research .44 Magnum & .50 AE & A “13 Hours” Desert Eagle

by CLAY MARTIN on NOVEMBER 4, 2017 Related Tags: .44 Mag, .50 AE, Buzz, Desert Eagle, Feature Articles, Kahr, Kahr Arms, Magnum Research, Tactical Why would you spend your hard earned money on a Kahr Arms Desert Eagle in .50 AE or .44 Magnum? Mostly because they’re fun as hell to shoot. This week in honor of Veterans Day, we had the opportunity to shed light on … Continue reading “Magnum Research .44 Magnum & .50 AE & A “13 Hours” Desert Eagle”

NEW: SAR 9 Full Review — SAR USA Imports Turkish Polymer Pistol

Turkey Huh!?! Grumpy by PATRICK KELLEY on OCTOBER 31, 2017 Related Tags: 9mm, Buzz, Competition, EDC, Feature Articles, Home Defense, Pistol, reviews, Self-Defense, Tactical Like most of us if we’ve done our “homework” and researched our next purchase: be it a Smart TV, a camera, handgun or tires for your truck, we’ll end up eventually selecting an item knowing that it has “almost” all the features and qualities … Continue reading “NEW: SAR 9 Full Review — SAR USA Imports Turkish Polymer Pistol”

Why ? Asks Grumpy

Shootable Gold Plated Tommy Guns, Stainless Desert Eagles – Thompson & Magnum Research – SHOT Show 2016 by ADMINISTRATOR on JANUARY 26, 2016 Related Tags: Buzz, Desert Eagle, Guns, Kahr, SHOT Show 2016, thompson Buy a Thompson on GunsAmerica: Read more at Auto-Ordnance: Who doesn’t want to own a piece of American History in their collection? I know I do. The weapon of choice … Continue reading “Why ? Asks Grumpy”