The Bren Gun

One of the only guns that I know of that had its own designed in mind vehicle. The Bren carrier   **Trigger Warning, Some serious bragging is coming up** Now I have seen this machine gun a couple of times. Once at the Imperial War Museum in London. Where I was allowed to pick it up. Somebody … Continue reading “The Bren Gun”

The 92F Beretta 9mm

This is when you do not want to see a 92F! Now I was basically phasing out of the Army National Guard. When “THE WORD” came down about the 1911a1 being replaced by the 92F. To say that some of the Real Old Sweats were not happy. Would not really do them justice in describing … Continue reading “The 92F Beretta 9mm”


A Fantastic Tribute to the Art of High End Gunsmithing! Just look at the engraving alone! They look like to me to be “Yellowboy” Winchester Model 1866 on the right.   I do not know what the one on the left is. Maybe a Winchester 1873? Or it may be a Reproduction? I also wonder … Continue reading “I WANT THEM!”