How to Shoot Clay Pigeons

Target shooting has been around for over 100 years. In its earliest forms, enthusiasts stuffed glass balls with feathers and then waited as their friends tossed them in the air to be blown apart mid-flight. Since then, it has evolved from a leisurely day of hunting practice to a highly competitive international sport. Unfortunately, the … Continue reading “How to Shoot Clay Pigeons”

One of my Best Rifles

 Now just like our Children, a good parent should love their children the same. So it should be with our guns. But deep down we all know that this is just a lot of wishful thinking.   As for me, there have been a small group of rifles that have held this title for a … Continue reading “One of my Best Rifles”

A Winchester Mod. 52 Target 28 Inch Barrel with an Olympic Target Sight

If you let it. This 22 caliber rifle can teach just about anybody a lot about precision shooting! You cannot go to far wrong with a Model 52. As it was the showboat gun of Winchester. In fact Winchester lost money on these. Since they were underpriced considering all the things that went into one.