The Ithaca 37 Shotgun

  While I was pretending to be a Soldier in Mr. Reagan’s Army. I was very briefly issued one of these great shotguns. Latter on in the “Real World”. I was lucky enough to shoot a couple of series of Trap with one. Where I found it to be a great handling gun.  My only … Continue reading “The Ithaca 37 Shotgun”

CZ75a Semi Auto Pistol

Now I have heard some mighty good things about this pistol. From some trusted Sources that I know personally out there in the field.   In that this pistol is a very good shooter. That its inside rails of the upper receiver make for a more solid and reliable shooting platform.   Also that it … Continue reading “CZ75a Semi Auto Pistol”

The Weaver stance

The Weaver stance is a shooting technique for handguns. It was developed by Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Jack Weaver during freestyle pistol competition in Southern California during the late 1950s. Contents  [hide]  1Description 2Modern technique 3History 4Notes 5See also 6References 7External links Description[edit] The Weaver stance has two main components.[1] The first component is a two-handed technique in which the shooting hand … Continue reading “The Weaver stance”

Russian 1938 Carbine, matching, 1943 dated 7.62x54R

I shot one of these at the Range & brother let me tell you. It packs quite a recoil! But that’s what happens when you basically cut down a full length Battle Rifle into a Carbine. For some reason. Newton’s Laws of Physics still apply!