The M-14 Rifle

So far I have been able to shoot the civilian model of the M-14 i.e The M-1a.  (Since the Army had “retired” the m-14 before I showed up at Ft. Dix.) Now frankly I had put off getting one. Because of the huge price tag on it. But due to a very nice raise* I … Continue reading “The M-14 Rifle”

I found this & thought it was worthy enough to share with you!

Here is some more good stuff for you! Grumpy The German MP40 Versus the American M3A1 Grease Gun by WILL DABBS on SEPTEMBER 7, 2017 Related Tags: Buzz, Feature Articles, Military, Rifle Teutonic Refinement Meet Yankee Brown World War II changed most everything about planet earth. Society, culture, industry, and politics all underwent a seismic shift during this worldwide conflict that ultimately … Continue reading “I found this & thought it was worthy enough to share with you!”

Mannlicher M1901

This a very strange and frankly ugly at least for me pistol. I have only see it once. When I was much younger. It seemed to work for the owner and he had a fairly good pattern with it. But I was told that it is extremely hard to find ammo for it now a … Continue reading “Mannlicher M1901”