Florida Carry: We Will Sue Any Cop Who Violates a Member’s Rights BY DAN ZIMMERMAN

Courtesy Florida Carry By Florida Carry Florida Carry, Inc. has put Florida’s top cops on notice: Stop violating the rights of law abiding gun owners or you will get sued. In a letter sent to every sheriff and police chief in the state (SEE ATTACHED), Florida Carry notes, “Despite the well-established right, our members have been repeatedly … Continue reading “Florida Carry: We Will Sue Any Cop Who Violates a Member’s Rights BY DAN ZIMMERMAN”

The vastly underrated 6mm Remington

6mm Remington Type Rifle Place of origin USA Production history Designer Fred Huntington & Mike Walker Designed 1955 Manufacturer Remington Variants .244 Remington Specifications Parent case 7×57mm Mauser Case type Rimless, bottleneck Bullet diameter .2435 in (6.18 mm) Neck diameter .276 in (7.0 mm) Shoulder diameter .429 in (10.9 mm) Base diameter .471 in (12.0 mm) Rim diameter .461 in (11.7 mm) Case length 2.233 in (56.7 mm) Overall length 2.825 in (71.8 mm) Rifling twist 1-9″ Primer type Large rifle Ballistic … Continue reading “The vastly underrated 6mm Remington”

Now that is what I call an AWOL Bag!

 Except I would not keep the boys cocked & locked like that. Especially if they had a good trigger job done to them. Seeing how that a 45 makes for a mighty big wound channel. Just saying Grumpy

Top 10 Guns You Should Never Sell!!

Yeah unless you have reached rock bottom and still you have to stand & deliver. So I defy anybody to not preach about this unless they have been there & done that! Grumpy