Now I know that this one is going to get a lot of folks fired up. I include myself on this one also. As frankly I think that this law and the laws about Gold Ownership and taking the US off the silver standard. Were  the starting point when the United States started its decline … Continue reading “”

Ross Rifle Co. Model 1910 Commercial Sporting Rifle

Nice checkering on this one! Ross M-1910 factory straight-pull bolt action sporting rifle in .280 Ross, manufactured between 1910-1915. The Ross commercial sporting rifles are quite scarce. Ross rifle From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ross rifle Ross rifle MkIII Type Bolt action rifle Place of origin Canada Service history In service 1905–1916 1939-1945 Used by see users Production history Designed 1903 … Continue reading “Ross Rifle Co. Model 1910 Commercial Sporting Rifle”

Winchester Pre-64 M70

Now if you want a rock solid Winchester rifle made before the rot started to set with them. Then I most highly suggest that you think about getting one of these excellent rifles. You will also have an added bonus as these rifles if properly taken cared for. While almost never go down in value.