WWI Trench Hand Weapons

WWI Trench Hand Weapons February 24, 2016 Ian McCollum Videos Karl and I recently did some work with a wide selection of hand weapons from WWI (some original, some reproductions) for a video in collaboration with the excellent YouTube channel The Great War. Have a look: Looks pretty brutal to me!

FNH USA Model Ps90 in Caliber 5.7X28mm

This looks like something out of Star Wars or something. The only upside is that it would give the Gun fearing wussies a panic attack & send them back to their safe spaces!

Winchester Pre 64 Featherweight Model 70 in 270

If one was going out into the Real World. You could do a whole lot worse than this rig! In that short of running into a Huge Grizzly on crack or a T Rex. The 270 Win can stand & deliver!

IWI Launches the Tavor 7 Bullpup Rifle in 7.62X51mm

IWI Launches the Tavor 7 Bullpup Rifle in 7.62X51mm by S.H. BLANNELBERRY on OCTOBER 31, 2017 Related Tags: Buzz, Industry News, IWI US, News, Tavor X95 The Tavor 7 in 7.62x51mm. (Photo: IWI) Meet the newest member of IWI’s Tavor Bullpup Rifle Family: the Tavor 7 AR in 7.62x51mm. “We are pleased to expand the Tavor family – the world’s most popular battle-proven … Continue reading “IWI Launches the Tavor 7 Bullpup Rifle in 7.62X51mm”