Care to guess where I just was? The Mecca of High End Firearms – Holland & Holland


As you have no doubt have guesses by now. I am in London with my Wonderful Wife and I was let off of the leash.

So of course I made a bee line to this Ancient and Wonderful Oasis of a Gun Shop. Where I was treated extremely well by the Staff. Even though it was obvious that I did not have a spare quarter of a MILLION POUNDS to spend here.

The Good Lord knows that I wish that I had. (HINT – My Paypal Button is still operable by the way) PANO_20140805_125636

But let us not regress on that matter! Instead I just want to thank the Folks there for an excellent time. Especially when I got to drool over their fantastic collection of Shotguns, Double Rifles and Bolt Actions.

But the cherry on top was  with their incredible details of killer wood, fantastic steel engraved actions and almost perfect steel to wood fitting! I can honestly say that I am very impressed and urge you to visit this fine establishment!