Tragic News from Yesterday

THE BLOG  12/27/2015 09:17 pm ET Updated Dec 26, 2016 Santa Claus Shot and Killed in Home Invasion By Warren J. Blumenfeld Breaking News: Santa Claus, of unknown age, was shot and killed by home owner, Jack Koff, 41, for allegedly breaking into and entering his residence at 007 Patriarchy Lane without authorization. The deceased was found … Continue reading “Tragic News from Yesterday”

Something to help fight the Post Xmas Blues! NSFW

  ********************************************************************************************** TRIGGER WARNING!! IT SEEMS SOME LADIES BELOW SOMEHOW LOST THEIR GARMENTS BELOW!! **********************************************************************************************  

Remington Gun Porn

1917 Remington “Enfield” of WWI Fame Hopefully I will be wrong but I have heard that the Remington Company is in real trouble*. But then they have been doing a so so job lately in my humble opinion. Especially since they have done a real number on the Rem. 700 & it’s trigger problem. But … Continue reading “Remington Gun Porn”

Ask the Hessians at Trenton

Oh yeah because we killed them all on Christmas Day Battle of Trenton From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For the battle that took place in Trenton, New Jersey on January 2, 1777, see Battle of the Assunpink Creek. Battle of Trenton Part of the American Revolutionary War Date December 26, 1776 Location Trenton, New Jersey Result American victory[1] Belligerents  United … Continue reading “Ask the Hessians at Trenton”