As I have said before – You f**K with Folks too much for too long. Then People will start to fight back.

This incident happened in Merry Old England of all places. Where this woman was told by the staff to follow some BS rule imposed by the store. As you can see by this video. She instead elected to show them what a lot of us wish we had the guts to do.

Now I know that she is going to have a talk with the local Police and Court System. And I hope that she gets some support from People who agree with her and her actions. For the following reasons.

In that  I think as shown here are starting to get VERY tired of these petty & stupid rules. And that the Powers that Be had better start thinking mighty hard about ending this Panic about the Flu. As it has gone on for way too long!

Especially when you think about what this panic has done to both the Economy and Society in its entirety. Especially when we find out how many small businesses have been forced to close. Because remember that almost half of Americas work force is employed by Small businesses.

Now I know that this is going to be an eye opener to a lot of folks out there. But contrary to what folks think. Most Businesses in the Free World, DO NOT HAVE A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY JUST SITTING AROUND!

 In that every business that I have had any sort of relationship. It knows to the penny where its assets are. That and they try to make every cent work to its maximum effect and is also squeezed to the nth degree.

 I also am willing to bet that the banks are not going to be very forgiving and warm to any business. That does not make its loan payments to them. And yes most Businesses have on going loans with the Banks.

  All I know is that the next 6 months are going to be brutal to anybody that makes or needs money. But not the Politicians, who say we are in this together.

As they ALWAYS get paid since the Taxpayers ALWAYS have to pay them no matter what! Or you get to go to prison and if you try to escape they then will shoot you. And Folks think that the Mafia & Loan Sharks are evil. Anyways have a nice day! Grumpy