And now for my Nominee for the Darwin Award……….

This is what happens when you mix a really scared person with a loaded gun. With somebody that has a toxic mixture of  Stupidity, a massive Testosterone overdose and might have a gun.

As you will see the conclusion is a lose, lose for everybody. In that the Cop will most probably be retired. Who then will have to deal with his issues for the rest of his life.

Hopefully he will not swallow his gun. (As I am always amazed at the high suicide rate that the Cops have. But then just imagine doing 20 or 30 years of seeing the worst of society. Day in day out, No thank you Sir!)

As to the dearly deceased as it is time for the Big Sleep for Motor Mouth. Who just could not of gotten control of  his mouth and ego. But Oh No! As that would mean that he is no longer the center of attention!

But as usual there will be an exception. In that corpses family will sue the Department. Claiming it was racist to shoot him. That and he was getting his life together. So that he might of been able to become a pillar of society. But that Cop denied him that chance.

So in order to prevent a riot, The City will pay them off in a sealed agreement. Which of course will then be wisely invested for the betterment of the deceased’s family.

The only real winners in this incident will be the Lawyers. And then this kind of story will then be repeated again at a later date & place.