A Simple Explanation of Americas Armed Forces

Related imageThe military branches explained: the Army, Navy, and Marines are all brothers in a family. Army is the oldest and mom and dad made all their parenting mistakes with him.

The Navy is the middle son, they’re the explorers who left home and no one cared. The Marines are the youngest who mom and dad let do whatever they want and they still have an inferiority complex due to their small size.

Well, mom and dad got divorced once all the boys were grown. Mom got remarried to a rich guy and quickly gave birth to a fourth son, the Air Force. Now she loves him the most, showers him with the best toys, and buys him whatever he wants.

When they go on vacation they fly first class, stay in 5 star hotels, and enjoy the finest meals. The air force is spoiled rotten and his three older brothers have bitter resentment toward him for this.

Finally there’s the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard is the rich step dad’s son from his first marriage and none of the other brothers think or act like he’s part of the family.
That’s the best way to explain the various service branches and their internal dynamics.