A couple of things that helped me a lot in the Classroom

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Let me begin by saying the following things to the Youngsters who are thinking about becoming a K-12 Teacher.

If you have any doubts about liking Youngsters. Save yourself a lot of time & Money and DON’T DO IT!

Most Rookie Teachers quit after a year or two. On your 1st day look to your left & right during orientation day. Those folks will not be there in a year or less!

It will be the hardest job that you will undertake. I still say that the US Army was a little bit easier but not by much.

I met more Characters in my District than I ever did in the Army.

In the Army I would just have to say that I wanted something done. Most of the time, Folks would actually do something about it. Both Good or bad.

In Teaching, you will have to learn the fine art of nagging to get close to the same results at times. That & when to do it!

I was a very lucky teacher as I almost never had problems with my students. But I can not say the same about the so called adults involved at school.

Everyday was a struggle to keep my reputation at work

Never count on anybody at school! They will always let you down. But always do your best to keep your word. It will really pay off later!

Be interested in your students and ask them questions. It will pay off in spades!

Be nice to the Support Staff as nobody else does! Especially the Janitor, Who ever is in charge of supplies and The School Secretary (The Power behind the Throne) As they can make or break you!

More later, Good Luck as you are going to really need it!