A Blast from the Past, Sorry but I just couldn’t help myself!

Yeah I know that for a lot of you folks out there. The 1970’s seem like the Stone age to you.

But nonetheless, what this video shows is some petty basic but common sense stuff. That worked then & will STILL work today. For example Fire & Movement, taking cover, thinking under extremely high stress and what is the background of where you are shooting at.

Also & most especially since a lot of us still use the same kind of weapons. Revolvers, pump shotguns etc because.

A. Those old time firearms still work very well & will kill folks just as well as the newest thing from the local Gun Shops.

B. Not everyone out there can afford a $1500 handgun like a SIG, Glock or Springfield. Let alone what some of the AR types of rifles are going for nowadays.

C. Some of us still like the Old Rock & Roll!