IF POLICE COME FOR YOUR GUNS April 6, 2019 With the strong recent push for “red flag” laws, also known as ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Orders), there has been much concern that the hasty legislation is so poorly written that it will lend itself to abuse by people with agendas harassing innocent victims.  Here’s one such take on the … Continue reading “IF POLICE COME FOR YOUR GUNS”

The War about Homeschooling (Care to guess whose side I am on)

Homeschooling Fight In Massachusetts BY HERSCHEL SMITH A school system in Massachusetts is proving to be malicious, incompetent, or maybe both. Of course, we suspected that already. But the latest example comes from a lawsuit from a woman who pulled her 8-year-old son from Worcester Public Schools to homeschool him last January. Josilyn Goodall is … Continue reading “The War about Homeschooling (Care to guess whose side I am on)”

500 SW 700 Grainers Nearly Blows own head off

https://youtu.be/mbNazjkt-uE For me at least, this looks like it is just way too much gun for me. And by that I mean that during anytime of my 50 plus years of shooting. That it would not be for me. Grumpy