A Look Back at the Ruger No. 1

by Dave Campbell – February 5, 2015 William Batterman Ruger is best known for his innovative mind in the firearm industry. Many say he was the finest firearm designer since John Browning, and few would argue that declaration. Many Ruger gun aficionados may not be aware that in addition to his phenomenal gun-designing skills, Ruger was also a … Continue reading “A Look Back at the Ruger No. 1”

How to Survive a Shark Attack

Sure, we could talk about the statistically infinitesimal chance that you’re going to get attacked by a shark (about 1 in 11.5 million), and that the vast majority of shark attacks are non-fatal, and that sharks don’t actually want to eat people, they just get confused sometimes. We could say that by staying away from … Continue reading “How to Survive a Shark Attack”

How to Treat Hypothermia

Patrick Hutchison | December 15, 2016 Health & Sports, Manly Skills, Survival, Visual Guides, Wellness It’s easy to imagine hypothermia as the type of malady that can only affect people who get trapped in disastrous conditions, like being lost in a frozen Alaskan wilderness or falling into an icy river far. The reality is that hypothermia is fairly easy to get. Imagine … Continue reading “How to Treat Hypothermia”