“T” Bomb

It’s True! A toilet was used as an aerial bomb during the Vietnam War VIETNAM WAR Oct 29, 2015 Jack US Navy photo SHARE:FacebookTwitter On November 4, 1965, some Vietnamese came across a very strange object that looked as if it had been dropped from the sky. Was it a bomb? Well, it had tail fins … Continue reading ““T” Bomb”

The Owen Submachine Gun

Here is the Designer of this strange looking but effective SMG   Owen, an inventor from Wollongong, was 24 years old in July 1939 when he demonstrated his prototype .22 calibre “Machine Carbine” to Australian Army ordnance officers at Victoria Barracks in Sydney. The gun was rejected for two reasons. The first was because the Australian army, at the time, did … Continue reading “The Owen Submachine Gun”