Winchester Pre-64 M70

Now if you want a rock solid Winchester rifle made before the rot started to set with them. Then I most highly suggest that you think about getting one of these excellent rifles. You will also have an added bonus as these rifles if properly taken cared for. While almost never go down in value.

I am really starting to like our President & here is why!

New Trump Regs Would Alleviate Registration Costs for Gunsmiths, FFLs by JORDAN MICHAELS President Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)               A new proposed regulation announced this week by the Department of State could alleviate the massive annual registration fee that has for years kept small gunsmiths and FFLs out of business. The regulatory … Continue reading “I am really starting to like our President & here is why!”

Polish Mauser

Please Folks, no Pollock jokes in the comment section! Poland has always been a hard luck country in may ways. What with being caught between Russia to the East and Germany to the West. Making it a kind of speed bump between the two. Yeah I know too soon! All right already, we get the … Continue reading “Polish Mauser”