Colt Walker Sells for $1.84 million, Smashes Records by MAX SLOWIK

Serial No. 1022, the “Danish Sea Captain” Walker set a new record for the single highest-selling firearm in the world. It is the finest commercial production Walker known to exist and the only known cased revolver from the original production run. (Photo: RIAC) The Rock Island Auction Company broke the record for selling the world’s most … Continue reading “Colt Walker Sells for $1.84 million, Smashes Records by MAX SLOWIK”

How to Treat Frostbite

In a frigid environment, your skin and the tissue just below can start to freeze and crystallize in as little as a few minutes. This condition is called frostbite, and it’s no minor matter, but rather a serious injury which can permanently affect your appendages. Knowing how to properly treat it can mean the difference between a … Continue reading “How to Treat Frostbite”