Something for the 1911 Fans out there! I hope that you like it!

A 1911 Crushing Targets at 180 meters — Dan Wesson Elite Series Brings the Fury by CLAY MARTIN on SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 Related Tags: 1911, 9mm, Buzz, Dan Wesson, Feature Articles, SIG Sauer, Sig Sauer Elite Performance, Tactical,Trijicon What do you call a double stack 1911 in 9mm, with an Excalibur level trigger, an RMR, and a threaded barrel? Dan Wesson calls that the Fury. One of … Continue reading “Something for the 1911 Fans out there! I hope that you like it!”

Another good article about Siamese Mausers

Thailand’s Beautiful Mauser Posted October 27, 2014 in Guns & Gear by Othais with 14 Comments Siam was unique in South East Asia for its avoidance of Western colonization. Its sovereignty was guaranteed by politically deft royals and a Japanese-modeled system of aggressive modernization.  At the turn of the century, Siam sought to rearm its soldiers with a rifle of unique design. What we often refer … Continue reading “Another good article about Siamese Mausers”