Buying a Rifle Part 3

Now moving right along, Sorry that this is a very long diatribe! Let us move along to the action of the rifle. Does it operate smoothly? This video will give an idea as to how it should go as concerning smoothness. The first 30 seconds is all you need to see. If yes then … Continue reading “Buying a Rifle Part 3”

Buying a Rifle Part 2

********Trigger Warning – Adult Profanity coming up!********** Yeah I am a real windy Bastard at times. So thank you for bearing with me so far!   Now where was I? Oh yeah buying a Rifle! As you can see my my C.R.S.* is acting up!  Let us say that you have found a worthy candidate … Continue reading “Buying a Rifle Part 2”

Buying a Rifle- Part 1

Now I have written before about buying a pistol and later on I will post something about Shot guns. If you have the burden of living in the Peoples Republic of California and some other states*. You are going to have to buy a gun safe. But I will write about these at a later … Continue reading “Buying a Rifle- Part 1”

Remington Model 600-Stock Refinished .308 Win.

All I know is that when I shot one like this . It had a a great report and a solid recoil that you did not forget real soon! As you can guess by now. I am not a real fan but God Bless those who do like them!