WATCH: Dan Crenshaw discusses Red Flag laws with Steven Crowder

Rep. Dan Crenshaw was on with Steven Crowder tonight to discuss Red Flag laws in the wake of last weekend’s mass shootings.

Watch the interview below:

This was a great discussion with Crenshaw, who seems to lean toward supporting the idea of Red Flag laws, but only with strict safeguards to avoid abuses of the law.

One of the big safeguards mentioned by Crenshaw was that taking away someone’s gun(s) couldn’t just depend on one person’s testimony. There would need to be testimony from multiple people and ‘clear and convincing’ evidence to back it up.

Crenshaw said that there should also be penalties for people who do abuse the law. He also mentioned that these laws should only apply to law enforcement at the state level and never at the federal level.

At the very beginning of the interview Crenshaw briefly explained the Taps Act, which he has cosponsored, and says it has nothing to do whatsoever with Red Flag laws. He said there’s been a lot of misinformation about that and tried to clear it up.